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Lee Harvey Osmond - Mohawk

Lee Harvey Osmond - Mohawk - 2019

by Kerry Doole
When the prolific Tom Wilson (Junkhouse, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings) launched Lee Harvey Osmond as a solo project with A Quiet Evil in 2008, few could have predicted LHO would still be going strong a decade later.

They have yet to achieve the wider profile of those other outfits, but Mohawk, the fourth Lee Harvey Osmond record, confirms there's still plenty of pleasure to be gained from Wilson's bluesy and psychedelic takes on roots music. It is rather a misnomer to call LHO a solo venture, as Wilson has again surrounded himself with an A-list cast of Canadian peers, including his BARK rhythm section of Gary Craig and John Dymond, bassist Anna Ruddick, guitarists Bill Dillon and Aaron Goldstein, horn player Darcy Hepner, keyboardist Jesse O'Brien harmonica player Paul Reddick, and son Thompson Wilson, who co-wrote two songs here. The harmony vocals of Oh Susanna add texture and light to such tunes as "Whole Damn World" and "What I Loved About You."


01. Colours
02. Forty Light Years
03. BAM
04. Kingdom Come
05. Whole Damn World
06. Magic
07. Mohawk
08. Burn Of Love
09. A Common Disaster
10. What I Loved About You


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