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Richard Ashcroft - Natural Rebel (DeLuxe)

Richard Ashcroft - Natural Rebel - 2018 

Richard Ashcroft is following the Gallagher brothers’ solo efforts of 2017 with his own album, Natural Rebel. It’s the former Verve frontman’s followup to his 2016 comeback record These People, which saw him tackle everything from war and revolution to internet trolls. Natural Rebel, sadly, is paint-by-numbers singer-songwriting. For a 10-track album (12 this version), it feels hideously overindulgent – only two songs fall under the four-minute mark, and those still feel drawn out by plodding, bog-standard riffs. 

01. All My Dreams
02. Birds Fly
03. Surprised by the Joy
04. That's How Strong
05. Born to Be Strangers
06. That's When I Feel It
07. We All Bleed
08. A Man in Motion
09. Streets of Amsterdam
10. Money Money
11. Rare Vibration
12. Guilded Halls


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