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TribalJazz - TriballJazz - 2006

TribalJazz - TriballJazz - 2006

Tribaljazz is a world beat jazz engine, fuel injected with the percussion of power of several African Maser drummers. Tribaljazz brings a provocative and energetic new voice to the jazz and jamband world. Tribaljazz is an experience-it's a seductive groove, with driving rhythms, that draws a wide eclectic audience - from jazz aficionados and Classic rockers, to cutting edge jamband followers without age or cultural limits. Among this band's many unique features is the distinction of being led by one of the music industry's most respected and accomplished musicians John Densmore, the legendary drummer and former member of the world famous rock group The Doors. John and his talented Tribaljazz team have embarked on a course that takes music to new and wonderful places. Their deft combination of jazz genres and world rhythms is sure to open more than a few eyes, and minds.

01. Skytrails
02. Blues For Bali
03. La Tormenta
04. Vegetable Wizard
05. Orange Midnight
06. The First Time (I Heard Coltrane)
07. Piano Interlude
08. Lyria
09. Violet Love
10. Riders On The Storm
11. Violet Love
12. Violet Love Remix
13. Violet Love Remix - Hidden Track

John Densmore - Drums
Osama Afifi - Bass
Cassio Duarte, Miguel Rivera (6) - Congas
Art Elli - Flute, Saxophone
Cristina Berio - Maracas, Caxixi, Percussion [Fx]
Aziz Faye - Percussion
Quinn Johnson - Piano
Marcel Adjibi - Talking Drum
Alfre Woodard, Audra Cunningham, Fanny Franklin - Vocals
Jim Morrison - Whisper Vocal



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