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The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Exposed In The Light

The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Exposed In The Light - 2012

From Wikipedia
The Australian Pink Floyd Show, more frequently referred to as the Australian Pink Floyd, are a Pink Floyd tribute band formed in 1988 in Adelaide, South Australia. Their live shows attempt to recreate the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd's later world tours, employing visual aids such as lasers, inflatables and a large display panel similar to Mr Screen. The Australian Pink Floyd Show play venues worldwide.
The Australian Pink Floyd Show in Barcelona (2009)

The band are noted for replicating the nuances of Pink Floyd's work. The guitar rig of Steve Mac closely resembles David Gilmour's set-up, and includes elements custom-produced by Pete Cornish, who has worked extensively with Gilmour. The band associates itself with individuals who have worked with Pink Floyd over the years, including Colin Norfield (who has worked as a sound engineer for David Gilmour in his solo career and for Pink Floyd during their 1994 Division Bell Tour) and Clive Brooks – Nick Mason's long-time drum technician.

The show includes a round screen with intelligent lights arranged around its perimeter. During a concert, movies and animations are displayed on-screen, complementing the band's light show. Inflatables (such as the pig used by Pink Floyd during the Division Bell Tour, and Skippy – the band's own giant pink kangaroo and named after the Australian TV series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) are frequently employed in the band's shows.


01. In The Flesh
02. Astronomy Domine
03. Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun
04. High Hopes
05. Breathe Reprise (feat. The Time)
06. The Great Gig in The Sky
07. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
08. The Fletcher Memorial Home
09. Keep Talking
10. Us And Them
11. Comfortably Numb


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