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Denny Laine - A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings

Denny Laine - A Tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings - 1998

This collection is Denny's way of remembering the halcyon days when Wings' wings were spread the furthest; his chance to revisit the songs with which he conquered the world, and reacquaint himself, too. With some old friends - both Paul and Linda McCartney appear here, as Denny opens the archive and retrieves one of the band's most treasured out-takes. And while the album itself is a tribute to Paul, it is also a memorial to Linda, whose death in April 1998, hit all who knew her so hard.

1. Mull of Kintyre    
2. Blackbird    
3. Deliver Your Children
4. Send Me the Heart
5. Listen to What the Man Said

6. Silly Love Songs
7. The Note You Never Wrote
8. Children Children    
9. Picasso's Last Words
10. Band on the Run
Bonus Tracks
11. Go Now
12. Reborn
13. Rollin' Tide
14. Within Walls


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