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Mountain - Official Live Mountain Bootleg Series Volume 3

Mountain - Official Live Mountain Bootleg Series Volume 3 - 2005

The performances contained on the Mountain Bootleg Series are drawn from various stages of the bands career from the very early years when the band first formed through to recent gigs undertaken by the band. All the performances come from the personal archives of both Leslie West and Corky Laing and whilst some of the performances are not sonically perfect the quality of the performances are never in question and as Corky Laing says “Some of the performances are real interesting”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

01. Introducion
02. You'd Better Believe - Crossroader
03. Theme For An Imaginary Western
04. Never In My Life
05. Get Out of My Life Woman
06. Nantucket Sleighride


7 comentários :

Timmy disse...

Too bad the lead vocal is wayyyyy too low.

Only Good Song disse...

Yeah Timmy, unhappy, this series of bootlegs does not give much attention the quality. Maybe, the next .....

FivesGunsWest disse...

thanks for posting this OnlyGoodSong. i still love these guys after all these years. Keep up the good work!!!!

Only Good Song disse...

Thanks Dude :)

Dedé disse...

Excelente Banda, vou conferir!

Nome/URL disse...

Muito OBrigado!!

Only Good Song disse...

Valeu pela presença, Dedé.
Por nada, anônimo. Divirta-se