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Joey Molland - Return to Memphis

Joey Molland - Return to Memphis - 2014

from therocktologist.com
Badfinger legend Joey Molland takes a trip to Royal Studios in Memphis and emerges showing of a handful of original numbers that cross moments of beauty with unexpected insipidness.

One great thing about this album is that it’s been put together with a feel for what makes a quality record, which means it’s not necessarily a collection of strong features, but also has a true flow. And yes as the title suggests, Molland’s musical roots are pretty much evidently planted. Never afraid to leap from the blue eyed soulfulness of “Walk Out in the Rain” to the toughened up roughness of “Still I Love You”, Molland delivers with panache and style. He lover the tone on “All I Ever Dreamed”, calls on the tears with “Hero” in and even indulges in some seriously inspiring guitar work here and there. That’s for the best moments. The trouble with Joey’s return is that for the most part the album is okay, and nothing more. Molland’s voice even sounds tired here and there, but then again similar material would no doubt squeeze the guts out of a singer 20 years younger too. On other hand, “Return to Memphis” isn’t short of hummable melodies, married with skilfully controlled energy and zip that tell of an album of colourful proportions which means no worries for Joey Molland. 

01. Walk Out In The Rain
02. build a Ship to Mars
03. Only When it Rains
04. Got a feeling
05. Yesterday
06. All I ever Dreamed
07. Hero
08. All I Need Is Love
09. Is it Any Wonder
10.Still I Love You


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