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Dexys - Nowhere Is Home

Dexys - Nowhere Is Home (Live at Duke of York's Theatre) - 2014

Not only did 2012’s outsider opera of an album, One Day I’m Going To Soar, completely revive the reputation of Kevin Rowland and Dexys, it also provided the focus for one of the more ambitious series of concerts of recent times. The release of Nowhere Is Home sees that theatrical presentation given the cinematic treatment it deserves, while acting as a victory lap for this most stylish of comebacks.

Dexys are not a revival band. They are going forward not backward. They changed their name from Dexys Midnight Runners to Dexys in 2012 to say “we’re the same people, but we’re different now!” Dexys is not just Kevin Rowland. It is an eight-person ensemble with a nucleus consisting of Kevin Rowland, Lucy Morgan and Sean Read.

CD 1
01. Now (Live 24th April 2013)
02. Lost (Live 24th April 2013)
03. Me (Live 24th April 2013)
04. She Got A Wiggle (Live 24th April 2013)
05. You (Live 24th April 2013)
06. I'm Thinking Of You (Live 24th April 2013)
07. I'm Always Going To Love You (Live 24th April 2013)
08. Incapable of Love (Live 27th April 2013)
09. Nowhere Is Home (Live 24th April 2013)
10. Free (Live 27th April 2013)
11. It's Ok John Joe (Live 27th April 2013)

CD 2
01. The Waltz (Live 27th April 2013)
02. Geno (Live 24th April 2013)
03. Listen To This (Live 27th April 2013)
04. Until I Believe In My Soul (Live 27th and 24th Edit April 2013)
05. Tell Me When My Light Turns Green (Live 27th and 24th Edit April 2013)
06. Until I Believe In My Soul Part 2 (Live 27th and 24th Edit April 2013)
07. Liars A to E (Live 27th April 2013)
08. Old (Live 24th April 2013)
09. This Is What She's Like (Live 27th and 24th Edit April 2013)

CD 3
01. Nowhere Is Home (Live 19th April 2013)
02. The Waltz (Live 20th April 2013)
03. She Got A Wiggle (Radio Edit)
04. Incapable Of Love (Radio Edit)


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