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Henry McCullough - Hell of a Record (Repost)

Henry McCullough - Hell of a Record - 1984

Henry McCullough was one of the busier guitarists in England during the 1970s, and has played alongside such stars and superstars as Joe Cocker and Paul McCartney. Born in Portstewart, Northern Ireland in 1943, he took up the guitar as a boy and was playing in the Irish show band the Skyrockets in the mid-'60s. After a few years of playing dancehalls, he decided to move his career to the next phase -- he'd met three other players, Ernie Graham (guitar/vocals), Chris Stewart (bass), and Dave Lutton (drums), from a show band called Gene & the Gents, and together they formed the People, later renamed Eire Apparent. Their sound was a mix of blues, pop, and psychedelia, with a commercial and virtuoso edge to the playing and singing. They jumped into the big time after a move to London and being signed by Chas Chandler and Mike Jeffery, the managers of Jimi Hendrix -- from obscurity, they were suddenly thrust into Hendrix's orbit, touring England and then America in support of the legendary guitarist.

Henry McCullough - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Troy Klontz - Pedal Steel
Casey van Beek - Bass, Vocal
Chuck D'Walt - Drums
Jimmy Karstein - Percussion
Dick Simms - Organ
John French - Piano
Shelby Eicher - Fiddle
Debbie Campell, Mike Brown - Vocal

01 Here We Go Again
02 Tears On Your Face
03. Can't Help Falling In Love
04. Shining Star
05. Whispering Love
06. Down In The Amusements
07. Foolish Hearts
08. Too Upset To Say Goodbye
09. Just Because
10. Cold Cold Heart
11. Couldn't Sleep For Thinking Of Hank Williams