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Ginger Baker's No Material - Live in Munich 1987

Ginger Baker's No Material - Live in Munich 1987 - 2011

from AMG
No Material consisted of Ginger Baker (drums), Nicky Skopelitis and Sonny Sharrock (guitars), Peter Brötzmann (sax), and Jan Kazda (bass). The band existed for less than a week in 1987. In the liner notes for the 1989 release of Ginger Baker's No Material album, Steve Lake closes by saying "I'm glad that No Material came together to nail down their non-repertoire in March 1987 and glad that their efforts  are now preserved for posterity to puzzle over. May the archivists now go and look for the Munich gig." Well, 20-plus years later,  here is the Munich gig: the first show ever performed by this semi-legendary band. As expected, the performance is absolutely fantastic.  Unfortunately, the recording is not. The biggest issue is the sound. While it's generally clear, the sound is thin and the high end (especially any cymbal work) sounds terrible. It sounds as if the CD was mastered from a compressed MP3 file. Then there's the way it's programmed. The brief interview excerpts follow the first two tracks, totally derailing the momentum of the show. The Sharrock bit is nice, if a bit out of place, but the Skopelitis excerpt adds absolutely nothing. Time must have been a factor because "Piece 3" fades out and back in somewhat clumsily. "Piece 5" is basically solo Sharrock, riffing on his own "Blind Willie" before fading out just shy of the two-minute mark.  It's a confusing way to end the album since there was clearly more music. Fans will want to hear this for sure, but they're likely to be somewhat  disappointed. 

01. Piece 1
02. Interview - Sonny Sharrock
03. Piece 2
04. Interview - Nicky Skopelits
05. Piece 3
06. Piece 4
07. Piece 5

Archive live release from the legendary British drummer. This set was recorded in 1987 at the Theartefabrik in Unterfohring in Munich and was literally a one off project with this band lasting no more than a week. As such it remains a unique document in Ginger's career and is in a sense one big "jam" with no apparent song titles, and played under the name "No Material".  


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Javanes disse...

E aí, OGS...
Sou um grande fã do ginger Baker e não conhecia este discão. Muito obrigado e se tiver mais coisa do ginger Baker, por favor, post it. Obrigado

Only Good Song disse...

Oh JavanÊs,
O que não falta aqui no estoque são Ginger Baker. Mas, eu acho que o que não se acha na net já desovei.
Mas vou dar uma olhada por aqui, quem sabe apareca + alguma coisa.
E se tu tiver alguma dificuldade em achar o que te falta, fale.

Slidewell disse...

I love Ginger, and i can go along with some of his more 'out' projects, but this one is pretty much unlistenable. :(

but thanks for the chance to hear it! :)

Only Good Song disse...


much experimentation and fusion