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The Mods - The Mods 1966's Singles

The Mods - The Mods 1966's Singles

The 1960's band from Toledo, Ohio that billed themselves, as The Mods did not start out using the name The Mods when they first formed a band.  The original members of the band that was formed in Toledo, Ohio had several other names before they took on the name  The Mods.  The band was originally founded by two brothers;  Terry Smith and his younger brother Larry Smith along with and their best friend, Larry Music.  I know what you are saying, (Larry Music) yes, Music was his real last name... great name to have if you are going to be in a band playing music.  The three teenagers first became interested in forming a band in 1963 shortly after the Beatles took America by storm.

As young boys, the Smith brothers, Terry (age 12) and his younger brother Larry (age 10), both learned to play guitar on their own after their father showed them how to make a few basic chords on their father's guitar. Their father was very musically inclined and had the ability to play several musical instruments, as did Smith boy's uncle's and grandfather. So I guess it must have been in the genes for the Smith brothers to play musical instruments too. The Smith brothers did inherit the ability to play music by ear on the guitar, and both eventually learned to play several other musical instruments between them. Terry Smith ended up teaching the brother's friend, Larry Music to play guitar in 1962.

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A single copy of The Mods 1966 45 RPM recording (original label shown above), sold on an Ebay auction on May 2, 2005 for the astounding price of $504.00 (USD) to a bidder from the United Kingdom. We sold a lot of these in 1966 at our concerts for the price of $1.00 (one dollar) per record. Since then, in late 2007 one dozen mint copies were discovered by someone in Toledo, Ohio (our old hometown). The records were put up for auction by Frogtown books on Ebay and auctioned off one record at a time.  After all records were sold on Ebay and the dust settled the records had fetched and average price of between $500 to $550 per record; and ending up netting over six thousand USA dollars to the owner of the auction.  Hearing that makes me wish I that I had bought a box of them (30 records to a box in 1966) and then I could have stashed them in a safe place until now and had my own auction. 


Terry Smith - Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Larry Music - Rythmn Guitar, Back Vocals
Larry Smith - Bass Guitar, Back Vocals
Fred Jablonski - Drums

01. I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)
02. You've Got Another Think Coming


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