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Bekka Bramlett - I Got News For You

Bekka Bramlett - I Got News For You - 2009

Bekka came by her stunning voice honestly. The daughter of ’70s duo Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Bekka’s raw vocals earned her a four-year stint replacing Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac. Her voice, which combines tenderness with the grit of Tina Turner, has graced recordings by Alison Krauss, Faith Hill, Vince Gill and others. 

Here she wraps that silk-and-sandpaper instrument around her own batch of songs, all produced by legendary singer/songwriter Joe Stampley. The first song starts out with a nice country fiddle, but Bekka’s vocal merely hints at its true soulfulness before giving way to the full-throated bluesy rendition of “I Got News for You.” The album moves through several styles, from the slow and romantic “I Wanna Be That Woman” to the rocking “Love the Man,” and Bekka’s voice ties these various musical threads together seamlessly.

01. What's On My Mind

02. I Got News For You
03. I Wanna Be That Woman
04. All These Things
05. Love The Man
06. You'll Never Lose My Love
07. What Do They Know
08. The Truck Stops Here
09. Misty Blue
10. Sweet Love


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