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Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells

Pete Townshend - Sadler´s Wells - 2002

from wikipedia

Sadler's Wells 2000 is a live album released by Pete Townshend in 2000. Townshend presented the music from Lifehouse at two concerts at Sadler's Wells in London on February 25 and 26, 2000, supported by a number of musicians and vocalists and The London Chamber Orchestra.Musicians included Pete Townshend, Chucho Merchan, Phil Palmer, John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Peter Hope-Evans and Jody Linscott. Vocalists included Chyna, Cleveland Watkiss and Billy Nicholls. Violinist and orchestra leader Gaby Lester performed the violin solo on "Baba O'Riley".  The live recording was issued on a CD album titled Pete Townshend Live: Sadler's Wells 2000 and a video/DVD titled Pete Townshend - Music from Lifehouse in 2002.

Disc 1

01. One Note
02. Purcell (Quick Movement)
03. Teenage Wasteland
04. Time Is Passing
05. Love Ain't For Keeping
06. Goin' Mobile
07. Greyhound Girl
08. Tragedy
09. Mary
10. I Don't Even Know Myself
11. Bargain
12. Gettin' In Tune
13. Pure And Easy
14. Baba O'Riley - Orchestral

Disc 2

01. Baba O'Riley
02. Hinterland Rag
04. Behind Blue Eyes
05. Let's See Action
06. Sister Disco
07. Relay
08. Who Are You
09. Join Together
10. Won't Get Fooled Again
11. Tragedy Explained
12. The Song Is Over
13. Can You Help The One You Really Love?

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Many thanks for this. Cheers.

display disse...

Have you heard of any problems opening these files? I rarely ever have problems but when the first one opens, it doesn't automatically open the second and third sets like it should. Instead, it asks me to find #1 again (NOT #2)... which is already opening. I've tried 10 different ways and can't get it to open #2 & #3.

No need to post this. If you want... feel free to email me at my blog (address is in my profile at the bottom of the blog).

Many thanks

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Thanks for visiting, Willard.
There were 120 downloads and nobody else has reported any problems.
You tried to inform the files # 2 and # 3 manually?
If you still can not succeed, tell me and I will provide a new file for you.

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Thanks OGS,
I don't want you to go to that trouble, though. I'm going to hang on to the original downloads and play with them and see if I can suss out the problem. If you've had no other complaints, then it's something on my end. Many thanks.

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for me, other upload it´s not problem.
Only a his warning and I make

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I've been on a Who kick recently, and have really enjoyed this and the other Pete Townshend posts here at Only Good Song. Great to hear the Lifehouse stuff, these oh so many years later. thanks.

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Great to hear all this Lifehouse material after all these years. Thanks!

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Hi Slidewell
That comment was supposed to be in the post LIFEHOUSE?
But it's no problem that he's here
Enjoy, my friend and check back often