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Matt Deighton - Villager

Matt Deighton - Villager - 1995

Deighton is a familiar name on the UK music scene through his work with acid jazz favourites Mother Earth and his association with Paul Weller and Oasis. Additionally, he has established a minor solo career with a series of low-key but undeniably charming folk rock albums.

Deighton initially made a name for himself in the mid-80s as a member of London-based indie rock band the Wolfhounds, before moving on to Mother Earth in the early 90s. As the band’s chief songwriter he was responsible for some of their most memorable songs, including the sublime ballad ‘Jesse’. In 1995, shortly before Mother Earth’s demise, Deighton released his solo debut Villager, a charming folk rock collection that earned admiring comparisons to the work of Richard Thompson. In 1997, he joined Paul Weller’s band for the Heavy Soul tour and remained as lead guitarist until late 1999. The following year Deighton issued his second solo album, You Are The Healer. Originally recorded in 1996 but delayed because of contractual difficulties, the album was reworked for release on the Yeaah! label and featured excellent keyboard work from UK music legend Brian Auger.

01. Good For Us
02. Stones Around The Candle
03. Villager/Bone Dry Boat
04. Jesus Loves The Rain
05. Get Out The Road
06. Hey, My Mind
07. Pure English Honey
08. The Windmills Of Norfolk
09. Two Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
10. Hiding In The Breeze

Bonus Tracks (live tracks)
11. Hey, My Mind
12. Get Out The Road
13. Stones Around The Candle
14. Pure English Honey
15. Hiding In The Breeze
16. Villager

Matt Deighton - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Phil Steriopulos - Double Bass
Paul Clarris - Drums, Percussion
Andrew Dillon - Harmonica
Scotty Addison - Piano
Peter Shrubshall - Flute
Ingrid Sellschop - Violin, Viola


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