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Harvey Mandel - Dragons At Play

Harvey Mandel - Dragons At Play - 2017

From CDBaby
You are about to listen to a master musician, a maestro, a craftsman, a fully–realized musical genius. Harvey Mandel is a legend, and a true hero of contemporary music who long ago established himself among the elite modern electric guitarists in the world. He has performed with the Rolling Stones, The Ventures, Bob Dylan, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and other iconic artists and bands. He performed a legendary set at Woodstock, and has played most of the great shrines of the blues and rock and roll worlds.

Harvey Mandel is a master musician at every level. Harvey actually invented many of the techniques now used by great rock, blues and “psychedelic” guitarist around the world. His beautiful melody–making, his sense of lyricism, his rhythmic potency, his breathtaking power, his pure mastery of music itself, his sense of detail and perfection, his virtually–cosmic creativity, all come together in this dazzling display of musicianship.

Performing pieces that he and/or I composed, the music in Dragons at Play is in the end pure Harvey Mandel - exciting, potent, beautiful, mystical in the greatest rock and roll sense. All instrumentation in this album is by Harvey Mandel. You can listen hundreds of times and still hear more in Harvey’s breathtaking guitar.

Dragons at Play is music for mature rock and blues connoisseurs. Listen to each piece through to the blissful end Harvey has a talent for building each piece and finishing with magic. My humble recommendation stick this disc in your car stereo, turn up the volume and take a long drive, you are about to experience mastery!

01. Dragons at Play
02. Fantasy Mountain
03. Wild Ginseng
04. Karma
05. Father Sun
06. Happy in Our Garden
07. Leopard Spots
08. I'm a Yin Yang Man
09. Tattooed Beauty


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