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Roger Daltrey - The Who’s Tommy Orchestral

Roger Daltrey - The Who’s  Tommy Orchestral - 2019

A new live, orchestral recording of The Who’s classic Tommy album will be released by Roger Daltrey and his band on 14 June on Polydor. Tommy Orchestral marks the 50th anniversary of the first release of Pete Townshend’s historic and groundbreaking work and was recorded on Daltrey’s tour of the US in the summer of 2018, performing it with some of the finest symphony orchestras in the country.

Daltrey came to describe the experience of touring this new rendition of Tommy as “magical.” It features a bold new orchestration of the famous rock opera by David Campbell, the renowned American arranger, conductor and composer whose credits include Adele, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Carole King and his son Beck, among many others.

Tommy Orchestral was recorded in Budapest and in Bethel in upstate New York, the scene of the first Woodstock festival 50 years ago, where The Who famously performed at one of the most seminal live events in rock history. The album was produced by Daltrey and Keith Levenson, who worked on the touring version of the Tommy musical.

The recording features the core band of Simon Townshend on vocals and guitar, Frank Simes (guitar), Scott Devours (drums), Jon Button on bass and Loren Gold on keyboards. All of those distinguished musicians have played with The Who live. Levenson conducted the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, from Campbell’s new orchestrations


01. Overture
02. It's A Boy
03. 1921
04. Amazing Journey
05. Sparks
06. Eyesight To The Blind
07. Christmas
08. Cousin Kevin
09. The Acid Queen
10. Do You Think It's Alright
11. Fiddle About
12. Pinball Wizard
13. There's A Doctor
14. Go To The Mirror
15. Tommy, Can You Hear
16. Smash The Mirror
17. Refrain - It's A Boy
18. I’m Free
19. Miracle Cure
20. Sensation
21. Sally Simpson
22. Welcome
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp
24. We're Not Gonna Take It


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Gus disse...

Excelente disco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuando tengas cosas raras de HUMBLE PIE !!!!!!!!!!, no te olvides de este humilde seguidor!!!!!!!! GRACIAS, Abrazo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Good Song disse...

Sim, muito bom disco.