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Davey Johnstone & John Jorgenson - Crop Circles: Groovemasters, Vol. 2

Davey Johnstone & John Jorgenson - Crop Circles: Groovemasters, Vol. 2 - 1998

What do the guitarists in Elton John's band do between gigs when they are traveling the world playing to sold out stadiums of screaming fans? In the case of longtime bandleader and sometimes songwriter (I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues) Davey Johnstone, and more recent additional axe master extraordinaire (three time winner of CMA's guitarist of the year with The Desert Rose Band, and accolades too many to mention with The Hellecasters) John Jorgenson, you borrow a minidisc recorder from Sony Electronics and write and record an all acoustic instrumental guitar duo CD called   "Groovemasters Vol. 2...Crop Circles."

Aside from his well noted work with Elton John, Johnstone has made anexceptional name for himself as a player who can add that special something to a song, and he has been called on to do that by artists as diverse as Stevie Nicks, Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf and Jimmy Webb. Jorgenson's talent for creating something a little fresh and different in the studio can be found on records from folks as diverse as Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, John Prine, and Bonnie Raitt.

Written on world tour with Elton John, produced and recorded by Elton's keyboard ace Guy Babylon, "Crop Circles" finds these two artists known for adding that special color to others work attacking their own blank canvas with everything from delicate brush strokes to paint bombs. We caught up with them between American and European tours at a photo shoot, and chatted with them individually and then together.

01. 3rd Neck From Now
02. Crop Circles
03. She’s Gonna Cry Soon
04. Reel It In
05. Exercise In Futility
06. Bernadette’s Rose
07. Fat Slag Rag
08. Grooves And Lands
09. Beyond Ohm
10. LaVoya
11. Scarabride
12. Sacred Path


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