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Roger Daltrey - Performs The Who’s Tommy And More

Roger Daltrey - Performs The Who’s Tommy And More - 2012

By Andrew Perry 25 Mar 2011
While Roger Daltrey’s work in organising the annual Teenage Cancer Trust concerts should never go unheralded, the most intriguing night in this year’s programme was his own: the billing was simply “Roger Daltrey Plays 'Tommy’”, suggesting that he would perform the Who’s landmark rock opera from 1969, but without the band’s only other surviving member, Pete Townshend, their guitarist and author of this complex and much-debated work.

As the throng of faithful old mods huddled together inside the Albert Hall’s illustrious goldfish-bowl, many speculated on the glaring absence of Who branding. In a recent interview, Townshend had bemoaned the effects of a lifetime’s worth of rock gigging on his joints, and his hearing. So was this the end, finally, without fanfare, of the mighty Who?

On the plus side, renditions of “Tommy”, from Ken Russell’s lurid 1975 movie version through to latterday stage productions, have always featured celebrity cameos — Oliver Reed, Elton John, Ringo Starr, even the former Dr Who Jon Pertwee. One imagined, given Daltrey’s skill at pulling strings on behalf of his charity, that tonight’s star count would be high.

When the singer and his band emerged to rattle through Townshend’s “Overture”, there was a near-audible groan of disappointment at the absence of star players. Instead there was a Los Angeles session team, who included Townshend’s younger brother, Simon, on acoustic guitar and vocals, and a lead guitarist with Melvyn Bragg’s hair.

While Daltrey himself was in final fettle, growling out the familiar narrative of the deaf, dumb and blind kid whose proficiency at pinball leads him to become a messianic cult leader, “Tommy”’s shortcomings became all too apparent. It meanders for minutes at a time, until the clanging riff to “Amazing Journey”, say, or the recurrent “see me, feel me” melodic strand, arrives to perk things up. Half an hour in, pretty much anyone in the hall would have donated next month’s mortgage payment to the TCT for some kind of wow factor.

Disc 1
01. Overture/It’s A Boy
02. 1921    
03. Amazing Journey
04. Sparks
05. Eyesight To The Blind
06. Christmas
07. Cousin Kevin
08. The Acid Queen
09. Do You Think It’s Alright
10. Fiddle About
11. Pinball Wizard
12. There’s A Doctor
13. Go To The Mirror!
14. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
15. Smash The Mirror
16. Sensation
17. I’m Free
18. Miracle Cure
19. Sally Simpson
20. Welcome
21. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
22. We’re Not Gonna Take It

Disc 2
01. I Can See For Miles
02. The Kids Are Alright
03. Behind Blue Eyes
04. The Way It Is
05. Pictures Of Lily
06. Who Are You
07. My Generation
08. Young Man Blues
09. Baba O’Riley
10. Without Your Love
11. Red Blue And Grey

Roger Daltrey - Vocals
Simon Townshend - Guitars, Lead Vocal (It's a Boy, The Way It Is)
Frank Simes - Guitar
Jon Button - Bass
Scott Devours - Drums
Loren Gold - Keyboards

Real good looking boy - Roger Daltrey - Tommy Tour 2012 - Video Tribute - from Beppe Vergara on Vimeo.


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Dead or Alive disse...

Firúla ele faziasim, mas que canta pra caraco isso canta, pqp!!!!! Esse pra mim é daqueles que renderia em outros lugares altas brigas, rpq compararia com o Roger Watters, poderia existir um Floyd sem ele? Sim claro, mas nunca coo foi, e o Who sem o Daltrey nunca seria o que é. Mick, John Alec Entwistle um dos maiores baiixistas que ouvi tocar e o comedor Pete são cada um na sua a nata, mas ele foi o amálgama disso; enquanto os besouros encantavam os ingleses ele já cantava pros ingleses e sem esquecer que eles eram sempre dois vocalistas no início de carreira e o Daltrey segurava sózinho. Gostar dele é outro assunto, aí é pessoal, mas me lembro de assistir no mínimo 3 vz Tommy no dia qeu fui ao cine e fiquei encantado com tudo que via, o que era aquilo? E olha que tinha ganho do Manito o original de 69 com aquele globo azul e eles dentro como um globo da morte dos motociclistas.
Show OGS como sempre.

Only Good Song disse...

Mas nunca precisou vestir um colanzinho roxo, morder uma galinha no palco ou usar enxerto na calça justissíma.
Era apenas um cantor de rock.
Eu tenho esse vinil, original, MONO.
Sobre gostar, é claro que é outro assunto. A maioria das coisas que vejo postado pela net eu tb não gosto. E tô falando só de rock, embora muitos considerem rock o que para mim é só música clássica mal tocada.
[]s e aguarde novidades do Daltrey para abril/maio.