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Benjamin Hugg - Early One Morning (Re-Re-Re-Post)

Benjamin Hugg - Early One Morning - 1974

Benjamin Hugg (real name Gary Hughes) was a Melbourne based folk singer . His first album 'Early One Morning was released in 1974 and garnered the single "Thank God You're Here With Me" which went Top 40. The album had some of Australian best musicians playing on it. His second album "What's Been Happening" came out in 1975. Hugg formed a touring band The Benjamin Hugg Band which comprised of Greg Johnson (guitar) Keith Miller (bass) David Pitt (drums). He died of cancer in the mid-eighties.

01 - Interlude (Early One Morning)
02 - Thanks God You´re Here With Me
03 - Such Little Time
04 - Lovely Picture
05 - Silly Minded People
06 - Alleys of Austin
07 - Michinberry Walk
08-  My Jenny
09 - Here Comes Alice  And Me
10 - I´ve Found Love
11 - Hand Me Down Secondhand Smile
12 - Epilogue (Early One Morning)

Benjamin Hugg - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Peter Robinson - Bass, Acoustic and Eletric Guitars
Bill Pyman - Acoustic and Eletric Guitar, Back Vocals
Doug Sornan - Acoustic and Eletric Piano
Buddy England - Acoustic Guitar and Back Vocals
Garth Thompson - Drums and Percussion
Bruce Woodley - Acoustic Guitar
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Rick Berger - Bass
Joe McLaughlin - Piano
Kerryn Tolhurst - Steel Guitar
Wendy Cook - Back Vocals


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PB disse...

I already have this, but thank you for posting it anyway so others may enjoy this wonderful young musician who was lost to us so young.

Only Good Song disse...

Thanks PB. Thanks

Charles D disse...

Thank You.