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Billy Cox - Unfiltered Billy Cox

Billy Cox - Unfiltered Billy Cox - 2014

“Saying some things, playing some music and having some fun”, so says Billy Cox. And that is exactly what The Last Gypsy and Bassist for the Legendary and Ultimate Power Trio, Band Of Gypsys and Jimi Hendrix Experience is doing on UNFILTERED-BILLY COX...It is an effort of Love and since M&P Productions is a complete in-house operation, the freedom to be less technical but more creatively receptive was experienced more than ever…Billy remarked, “it felt like I was back at the board, sitting next to Jimi at Electric Lady”. As a matter of fact at least a couple of times while working, Billy would grin and remark, “Oh, yeah, thank you, Jimi got it”.

UNFILTERED BILLY COX is refreshing with blemishes and all because from beginning to the end the power of love was the guide and that love is being sent out to you.
01. Intro
02. Gonna Be Big
03. Woman
04. 13th Hour
05. I Can Count On the Blues
06. Vanity
07. The Night Ain't Got No Eyes
08. Get It In
09. Ju Ju Woman
10. Amazing Grace


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