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CoCo Carmel - First Fruit (Re-Re-Post)

CoCo Carmel - First Fruit - 2010
CoCo Carmel is a multitalented artist and musician (Bass, Composer, Engineer, Flute, Producer, Saxophone, Vocals, and photographer).

CoCo had begun her career in London England. She took the road and played across Europe including Germany, Italy and France and back home in England.

After nearly a decade in Europe, CoCo moved back to the United States residing in her home in  Los Angeles.  She met and later married Delaney Bramlett.

During those years with Delaney, she produced and co/produced many records including her own solo record First Fruit which came out in 2010,

Bobby met CoCo Carmel  after her marriage ended with Delaney in 2001. They immediately got to work and began writing and singing and recording and performing.

Beginning in the U.S., CoCo and Bobby played in New Jersey, New York, Alabama and Nashville.

This is CoCo Carmel's first solo record, the artwork is by Michele Bramlett, the very talented daughter of Delaney. Also appearing on the record is Bekka Bramlett. This record is chock full of great songs including "I don't know why", the song Delaney produced on Eric Clapton's first solo record .

01. What Am I Doin In a Place Like This?
02. Doin' It Right
03. Love Don't Deserve It (to be treated this way)
04. Mother
05. I Don't Know Why
06. Sound Of The City (feat. Delaney Bramlett & Bekka Bramlett)
07. Why Would I do That? (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
08. Go To Him
09. Let Me Put it Another Way (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
10. Imaginary Love
11. Sweet Miss You
12. Only a Game (feat. Delaney Bramlett)
13. Rest In Peace

CoCo Carmel - Vocals, Sax, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Background Vocals, Strings
Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Background Vocals
Bobby Whitlock - Piano, Organ, Slide Guitar (13), Hammond B-3 (11)
Bekka Bramlett - Lead Vocals on tracks 2, 6, 12 and Background Vocals
Mark Karan, Hank Barrio - Guitar
Bobb Gross, Chad Watson - Bass
Al Lichtenstein, David Raven - Drums
John Molo - Drums (11)
Tommy Miles - Bass (12)
David Scott Cohen, Spooner Oldham - Piano
John Fumo - Trumpet
Mike Acosta - Tenor & Bariton Sax
Joni Lane - Background Vocals (12)
Hank Barrio, Kelly McCall Fumo - Background Vocals


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