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William Souffreau - Tobacco Fields

William Souffreau - Tobacco Fields - 2017

William Souffreau is undoubtedly the last truly active rocker of his generation; this semi-legend’s guitar skills are still razor sharp and his voice hasn’t lost any power over time.

William started his musical career in 1960 with the rock ‘n’ roll band The Blue Jets, and then The Four Rockets a little while later. He founded the hard rock group Irish Coffee in 1970, recording one LP and four singles, all of which are now highly sought-after collector’s items, with Masterpiece being their biggest hit.

William went solo in 1990, and since then, he’s released over 10 highly praised albums, performing opening shows for The Kinks, 10 CC, Motörhead, and many more and collaborating with other artists, including Michael Chapman and Philippe Catherine.

He’s still touring with Irish Coffee, which released their incredibly strong album, When The Owl Cries, two years ago on the Starman Records label.

Souffreau is getting back into his solo career as well, with the album Tobacco Fields. It’s a collection of autobiographic, penetrating songs about his youth and life in the city of Aalst. With the cooperation of – in addition to his regular Irish Coffee team – highly talented musicians, including JM Aerts, Kloot Per W, Walter Broes, Jan Hautekiet, Steven Janssens, Jan Blieck, and many others.

01. Tobacco Fields
02. Take Me Home
03. Crazy Old Town
04. Schooldays
05. El Gringo
06. Going Back
07. Good Ol’ Boys
08. Every Story
09. Walking The Dog
10. The Blues
11. The Emperor
12. Ravachol
13. The Great Rock’N'Roll Life
14. This Town


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