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Dean Ford - Feel My Heartbeat

Dean Ford - Feel My Heartbeat - 2017

from The MusePatrol

In 1969 a Scottish group named The Marmalade hit the charts in a big way with their Top Three ballad, “Reflections of My Life”. It was a melancholic look back at life, sung by a young singer/songwriter who had not yet lived it. The singer was Dean Ford (Born Thomas McAleese). The Marmalade made their splash and suffered the fate of many entrants into the 60’s sweepstakes. They had a couple of hits and faded into history, only to return sporadically on oldies radio, the odd soundtrack or the occasional K-Tel compilation.

Ford has now released a new solo album, “Feel My Heartbeat”. It’s a no-nonsense, filler free affair containing 10 songs with a strong narrative flow. The subjects are love, searching, mortality, progeny and acceptance of what is and what might have been.

Dean has returned to the music business after a long sabbatical and possibly felt the need to reintroduce himself to fans he left behind decades ago.  The irony is, “Reflections of My Life” is far more relevant and poignant a statement now than it was for Dean Ford in the year 1969. The man has aged but the voice retains its youthful aspect  that comprise “Feel My Heartbeat”.

01. Heaven in Your Eyes
02. Hello Bright Eyes
03. Feel My Heartbeat
04. Crazy About a Girl
05. Under Your Wing
06. Cosmos
07. Room in My Heart
08. Stay Awhile
09. Over Yesterday
10. Dance a Little Dance


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