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Tom Rapp - Sunforest

Tom Rapp - Sunforest - 1973

Sunforest was the ninth album recorded by American singer-songwriter Tom Rapp (either with or without his group Pearls Before Swine), his second for Blue Thumb Records, and his final record before his lengthy retirement from the music industry after the mid-1970s.

Sunforest was released in 1973 and was credited to "Tom Rapp / Pearls Before Swine". Like its immediate predecessor, Stardancer, the album was recorded with members of the touring group Pearls Before Swine (Art Ellis and Bill Rollins), supplemented by a selection of prominent Nashville session musicians.

01. Comin' Back
02. Prayers Of Action
03. Forbidden City
04. Love / Sex
05. Harding Street
06. Blind River
07. Someplace To Belong
08. Sunforest
09. Sunshine & Charles


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