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Hollywood Monsters - Capture The Sun

Hollywood Monsters - Capture The Sun - 2016

by David Randall from Getreadytorock
French multi-instrumentalist Steph Honde released a debut album in 2014 with Paul D’ianno and Vinny Appice in the ranks and ‘Capture The Sun’ continues the tradition.  Albums that feature a roster of name artists – legends if you will – brought together by a single musician rise and fall by the strength of the material.  And unfortunately no amount of talent can cover up the lack of killer tunes on his latest offering.  The same applied to that debut.

The album might be of only passing interest to fans of the participating artists, so if you like Vinny Appice, Tracy G and Neil Murray investigate one track, ‘Evilution’.  Elsewhere it’s clear that Honde takes a cue from the Coverdale school of crooning (‘Waiting’) although in truth at the end he over-extends himself.  The track ‘Another Day In Grey Part II’ is as drab as the title.

Honde makes a play for widescreen acceptance with the spoken word effects on the instrumental ‘Don’t Let It Happen’ but Pink Floyd it ain’t.  Jenny Haan (Babe Ruth)  crops up on the title track but regrettably it is a duet with Honde.  And perhaps inevitably – with a paucity of decent material – Honde falls back on two covers: the eight-minute Bowie’s Sweet Thing/Candidate and a bonus knees-up of ‘Fool For Your Loving’.

You wonder what bigger name artists gain from these collaborations.  For Honde, he may think he benefits from other-wordly associations.  But for the rest of us more grounded individuals, the words turgid and dire spring to mind. 

01. Mysteries Of Life
02. Evilution
03. Always Crashing The Same Car
04. It’s A Lie
05. Waiting
06. Don’t Let It Happen
07. Another Day In Grey Part II
08. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
09. Dreams
10. King For A Day
11. Capture The Sun
12. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise)
13. Fool For Your Loving (BONUS TRACK)


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Gus disse...

Amigo me interesa sobremanera este disco y no lo puedo bajar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Good Song disse...


But The Link is ON.
What problem did you found?

Gus disse...

No lo puedo bajar por mega, me da error, soy cliente de mega, tengo cuenta personal y me da error igual, no lo podes resubir por otro servidor ?????????

Only Good Song disse...




Mega likes chrome
For Firefox, needs add-on


Gus disse...

Gracias Amigo !!!!!!!!!!!!Por Gavitex ningun problema, baja lo mas bien, no se que pasa con MEGA, tengo varios amigos que tambien tienen problemas, probe inclusive cambiando de navegador y me daba el mismo error.
Soy seguidor de Humble Pie, tengo todo lo oficial y muchos bootlegs piratas, pero cuando encuentres algo nuevo por favor subilo, con Ron Wood lo mismo, GRACIASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS un seguidor anonimo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!