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Mike Gibbins - Archeology (re-re-post)

Mike Gibbins - Archeology - 2002

By Jason Ankeny & Bruce Eder from AMG

Mike Gibbins spent a decade, from 1965 through 1975, as the drummer for the Iveys and their better-known successor group, Badfinger - that alone made him one of the more visible musicians to emerge from what might be called the British Invasion's "third wave," out of the orbit of the Beatles' Apple Records. He was one of two members of the group left behind following a pair of tragic suicides, and he led reorganized versions of "Badfinger" into the 1980s and beyond, often in competition with fellow surviving member Joey Molland. Born Michael George Gibbins in Swansea, Wales, in 1949, he grew up in a crowded household that included six older sisters - he later claimed he took up drumming just so he could be heard. Actually, he was a natural drummer, responding to rhythms and generating them on anything that came into his hands, enough so that his father got him his first drum kit when Mike was 14. He passed through various local groups, including the Planets, the Club Four, and the Misfits, over the next few years. 

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01. Heavy Weather (Gibbins)
02. To The River (Gibbins)
03. Listen To Me (Gibbins)
04. Sad The Clown (Gibbins)
05. Dead Ratz (Warsing/Chapman/Gibbins)
06. The Golden One (Gibbins)
07. Dream Harder (Gibbins)
08. Love Is Lookin' Over Me (Gibbins)

Mike Gibbins - Vocals, Drums, Piano
Paul Chapman - Guitar (5, 7)
Rick Warsing - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Rick Weidley - Electric Violin (1, 3)
Ron Griffiths - Lead Vocal (4)


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Anônimo disse...

many thanks for the mike gibbins albums-i've heard a few of the tracks which apart from a couple of misfires which had synths and overdone production...i thought had an excellent rock and roll feel like the best of his and badfinger's music

KDNYfm disse...

Thanx for the Mike Gibbins...My brother recently sent me a new copy of Badfinger's No Dice, so when I saw these I figured these were something I should check out, and share w my brother...

SkinFly disse...

can you re-up, please?

Brujo disse...

Please, can you repost this jewel? Thanks for the wonderful blog!!!

Betto Skin disse...

please, re-up

Only Good Song disse...

Post updated as new post

Sorry for delay, I was traveling.

Betto Skin disse...

thanks, man.

Brujo disse...

Great repost, tanx.

Dave Heasman disse...

Mike was a talented songwriter & musician, good drummer, pianist, fair guitar. I'm glad he survived for so long.