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The Spencer Davis Group -Taking Time Out - Complete Recordings 1967-1969

The Spencer Davis Group -Taking Time Out - Complete Recordings 1967-1969 - 2016

3 CD boxset of all the 60s post-Steve Winwood recordings by R n B/Psych Popsters the Spencer Davis Group, including two LPs “With Their New Face On” and “Funky”, singles and outtakes plus unreleased BBC Sessions.

On the face of it, the Spencer Davis Group should have been relishing the year ahead as 1967 dawned. They had reached the top spot in the UK charts in each of the previous two years (with “Keep On Running” and “Somebody Help Me”) and had just narrowly missed it again with the number two hit “Gimme Some Lovin”, which also made the US top 10. On top of that they had just pipped the Rolling Stones to the title of “Best R n B Group” in the then prestigious NME Awards. Yet all was far from rosy in the SDG camp…..

Wonderboy Steve Winwood, the band’s youthful face and voice, was growing restless with what he saw as the slightly old fashioned approach of the band in the face of the burgeoning Psychedelic scene and wished to move on to a band of his own construct that would follow that pathway. After another hit single in early 1967 with “I’m A Man” he would head “back to nature” with his band Traffic and leave group leader Spencer Davis with a headache and a sizable poser. How would he replace Winwood (and indeed his brother Muff too who also absconded at the same time) and even if he did manage this effectively would it still sound the death knell for a pop group seemingly on the precipice of huge success?

Singles (Mono)
01. Time Seller
02. Don’t Want You No More
03. Taking Out Time
04. Every Little Thing
05. Virginals Dream
06. Looking Back
07. Picture Of Her
08. Just Like Me
09. Possession
Singles (Mono)
10. Mr. Second Class
11. Sanity Inspector
12. After Tea
13. Moonshine
Album - With Their New Face On (Stereo)
14. With His New Face On
15. Mr Second Class
16. Alec In Transitland
17. Sanity Inspector
18. Feel Your Way
19. Morning Sun
20. Moonshine
21. Don't Want You No More
22. Time Seller
23. Stop Me, I'm Falling
Bonus Track (Stereo)
24. After Tea

01. (Aquarius) Der Wassermann
02. Let The Sunshine In
03. Short Change
04. Picture Of Heaven
Album - Funky
05. I Met A Woman
06. Letters From Edith
07. Raintree River
08. What A Way To Die
09. Firefly (Funky)
10. Magical Day
11. I Guess I'm Wasting My Time
12. Misguided (Poor Misguided Woman)
13. And The Gods Came Down
14. New Jersey Turnpike
15. Magpie (The Murgatroyd Band)
16. Twice A Week (The Murgatroyd Band)
17. I’m Lost
18. Pools Winner
19. Groove Extra
20. The Girls Song
21. Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (Demo)
22. Feel Your Way (Backing Track)

Alternative Versions From Soundtrack Sessions 1967
01. Feel Your Way
02. Morning Sun
03. Taking Out Time
04. Picture Of Her
05. Just Like Me
06. Possession
BBC Radio Sessions
07. Don’t Want You No More (18.12.67)
08. Interview (18.12.67)
09. Mr Second Class (18.12.67)
10. Time Seller (18.12.67)
11. Feel Your Way (17.1.68)
12. Taking Out Time (17.1.68)
13. Time Seller (17.1.68)
14. Moonshine (11.3.68)
15. After Tea (11.3.68)
16. Feel Your Way (11.3.68)
17. Dust My Blues (24.6.68)
18. Interview (24.6.68)
19. With His New Face On (24.6.68)
20. Mr Second Class (24.6.68)
Live - Empire Pool, Wembley 24.3.68
21. Dust My Blues