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David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia

David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels - Night in Amnesia - 1995

Between slide guru David Tronzo and ex-Tin Machine-ist Reeves Gabrels, a strange, juicy chemistry takes place here on Night In Amnesia. Experimentalists who also know how to party, they flit between instruments and genres, now with a tilting boogie, then veering toward abstraction.

All the music on this albums was composed spontaneously as it was being recorded. This was the first meeting between Reeves and Tronzo.

01. Bubba.
02. Ballad of a man long gone.
03. A night in Tunisia.
04. Amnesia.
05. Fitting end.
06. Dixie Cup.
07. Something is dead in the cellar.
08. Not gonna happen.
09. Two memories of the same event.
10. 3 cowboys.

Reeves Gabrels - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
David Tronzo - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Dobro
Bella, Ernie Ball - Strings
Matthew Gruenberg - Fretless Bass
Mike Levesque - Drums
Billy Conway, Jay Bellerose - Percussion


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