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Howard Werth & The Moonbeams - King Brilliant

Howard Werth & The Moonbeams - King Brilliant  - 1975 (1982)

from AMG
After leaving the Brit rock outfit Audience in 1974 with a catalog of four albums, frontman, songwriter, and guitarist Howard Werth (who, like Willie Nelson, is well-known for his nylon-string guitar work) began a solo career. King Brilliant is his debut offering in that regard from 1975, and as such it is an interesting slice of British mainstream rock & roll that borders on roots and pub rock. Werth is an ambitious songwriter, as his outlandish orchestrations on "Got to Unwind," "Lucinda," and "Midnight Flyer" attest. But he never left the heart of rock & roll in order to get his more ambitious moments across. His sense of classic British irony is everywhere in evidence in the album's original 11 songs. "Mechanical Dream," from the same sessions in 1975, is included here as a bonus track. This is recommended to anyone with an interest in either Audience or in U.K. pre-punk rock.  

01. Cocktail Shake
02. Got to Unwind
03. The Embezzler
04. A Human Note
05. Ugly Water
06. Midnight Flyer
07. Fading Star
08. Dear John
09. Roulette
10. The Adelph
11. Lucinda
12. Mechanical Dream



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