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Chris Laterzo - DriftWood

Chris Laterzo - DriftWood - 2004

Recorded in his Venice, California living room studio, Laterzo's third album 'Driftwood' is an unaffected blend of rock, folk, and country. Laterzo accomplished what he set out to do on this self-produced project- an album that is unadorned and honest, with every jagged edge exposed, leaving behind a distinctively homegrown air.

From epic and electric ("Pandemonia" and "The Wind") to solo piano and guitar ("Ghost on the Road" and "How Much Love Did you Burn?") to country-folk numbers ("Good Woman" and "Driftwood"), the sound is stripped down with arrangements that don't muddle the song's intent. The performances on 'Driftwood', and the choice of instrumentation- acoustic and electric guitars, pedal steel, piano- capture and articulate the organic spirit of each lyric and song.

01. Good Woman
02. The Wind
03. Driftwood
04. Starlit Milky Way
05. Pandemonia
06. Ghost On The Road
07. Navigate Me Home
08. How Much Love Did You Burn?

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Achei este melhor do que aquele anteriormente postado por nós.

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