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White Line Featuring Jimmy McCulloch - Complete White Line

White Line Featuring Jimmy McCulloch - Complete White Line - 1976

During the Wings 1976 World Tour, Jimmy got together with his brother Jack and long time friend, Dave Clarke. They began to jam together, more and more frequently, until inevitably, a group was born. Thus...White Line. Jimmy immediately discounted all claims that this signaled the end of his relationship with Wings. He firmly said: "The only way I'm gonna leave Wings is if they break up or I get the sack". The McCulloch brothers had known Dave Clarke for years. Jack used to play with him in the Noel Redding Band. Dave played bass and keyboards. White Line had several impromptu gigs around and things really seemed to be getting on quite well. At this juncture, Dave a prolific songwriter, came up with a song which they all decided should be released as a record. The song was "Call My Name". It was released as a single with "Too Many Miles" (written by Jimmy and Colin Allen) as the B side. 

Jimmy McCulloch, one of the great guitar heroes and one of Scotland's finest, died age 26 in 1979. His work with Thunderclap Newman, Stone The Crows, Small Faces, The Dukes and Paul McCartney's Wings is well known to his many fans. This complete White Line collection of rare singles and demos, recorded during breaks in the Wings schedule. Immense talent, intensity and hooklines a-plenty. Featuring Dave Clarke  bass/vocals/keyboards, Jimmy McCulloch guitars/vocals/bass, Jack McCulloch drums.

01. Call My Name (Dave Clarke)
02. You’re A Loser (Dave Clarke)
03. Champagne Eyes (Dave Clarke/Noel Redding)
04. Mr. Jones (Dave Clarke)
05. Down Bound Train (Dave Clarke)
06. Just Another ‘B’ Side Song (Jack McCulloch)
07. Call My Name (DEMO) (Dave Clarke)
08. The Same Mistakes Again (Dave Clarke)
09. Too Many Miles (Jimmy McCulloch/Colin Allen)
10. Reindeer Rockets (Dave Clarke)
11. White Line (Dave Clarke)
12. The Shannon and the Chesapeake (trad. arr. Dave Clarke)
13. Call My Name (Tv SHOW) (Dave Clarke)


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