domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Ian Hunter - Live at My Father's Place

Ian Hunter - Live at My Father's Place - 2014

The 1979 Hunter/Ronson touring band was a 7-piece unit. There were two Tommys (Mandel and Morrongiello) on keyboards  and rhythm guitar respectively, Hilly Michaels on drums and  Martin Briley on bass. George Meyer played a mean sax and also keyboards. Special guest Ellen Foley (Hunter & Ronson were producing her first album) added vocals on "Just Another Night". And of course the front-men Hunter & Ronson. This loud and powerful assemblage - seven egos vying for the spotlight - rocked out, especially on grittier songs like "Bastard" and "Standin' In My Light".

01. FBI
02. One Bitten, Twice Shy
03. Is There Life After Death?
04. Laugh At Me
05. Ships
06. All The Way From Memphis
07. Jumping Jack Flash
08. Standing in My Light
09. Bastard
10. Angelene
11. Just Another Night
12. Cleveland Rocks
13. All the Young Dudes

Ian Hunter - Guitar, Vocal
Mick Ronson - Lead Guitar
Martin Briley - Bass
Tommy Mandel - Keyboard
Tommy Morrongiello - Guitar
Hilly Michaels - Drums
George Meyer - Sax


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