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Corky Laing And The Memory Thieves - Iridium Live

Corky Laing And The Memory Thieves - Iridium Live 005 aug-01-2012 - 2012

Legendary drummer Corky Laing and his band of Memory Thieves take you on a mind-blowing musical journey through time, performing hits Laing wrote, recorded and performed with MOUNTAIN and West, Bruce & Laing - rock anthems like Mississippi Queen, Nantucket Sleighride, and The Doctor. The Memory Thieves also beat the drum of pulsing modern rock with edgy, newly-minted originals to deliver an unforgettable show wherepast meets present and nothing gets old.

01. Denny's Colt
02. Rockafella's Lament
03. Roadkill
04. House of Thieves
05. Promised Land   
06. Eve of Destruction
07. Nantucket Sleighride
08. Ring of Fire
09. Sinner Man
10. Never In My Life
11. Doctor
12. Mississippi Queen
13. Silver Paper

Corky Laing - Drums, Vocals
Josh Horton - Vocals
Bonnie Parker - Bass, Vocals
Denny Colt - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals


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