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Affinity - The Baskervilles Reunion

Affinity - The Baskervilles Reunion - 2011

By David Randall from Getreadytorock.com
Affinity and Angel Air's revival of the band via several reissues also provides one of the more interesting reunion stories of recent years. A band that germinated in the hallowed halls of Sussex University back in the early sixties with future bass supremo Mo Foster, their story has been renovated by several excellent archive releases in recent years including singer Linda Hoyle's solo album.

Looking back at my review in 2004 of 'Affinity 65-67' I suggested 'how about a reunion?' The occasion for that came seven years later in September 2011 to tie in with the University's 50th birthday celebrations and brought together original band members and in addition respected jazz-rockers, pianist Gary Husband and guitarist Ray Russell.

But what made the band so intriguing back in the day is completely absent from this pristine modern recording. Strangely the setlist reads (and sounds) like a K-Tel covers collection stuck somewhere in the late 1960s. Even Linda Hoyle fails to light the touch paper during ‘Fever' although her other vocal piece ‘You Don't Know What Love Is' is a standout.

It could be argued that if the band had played their own music - even, dare them, the whole of their 1970 eponymous album - it may have alienated some of the alumni present and put dampers on the revelry. But for those who warmed to the band's smoky sixties charm with copious amounts of Hammond it would have at least provided an excuse to roll out the Rizlas and do Louis Balfour impressions.

Glyn James - Vocals
Linda Hoyle - Vocals
Andy Brentnall - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mo Foster - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Percussion)
Brian Davis - Electric Guitar
Ray Russell - Electric Guitar, Electric 12-string Guitar
Gary Husband - Keyboards
Grant Serpell - Drums, Percussion

01. Maybe Baby
02. I Feel Fine
03. C'mon Everybody
04. Mr Tambourine Man
05. Satisfaction
06. Sleep Walk
07. Peggy Sue Got Married
08. Sound Of Silence
09. Hallelujah I Love Her So
10. We Can Work It Out
11. I Saw Her Standing There
12. Fever
13. Kansas City
14. She's Not There
15. Summertime Blues
16. Love Potion No.9
17. Hey You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
18. That'll Be The Day
19. Yesterday
20. La Bamba
21. You Don't Know What Love Isa


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