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Top Topham -The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Top Topham -The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions - 2008

Anthony "Top" Topham  had the good fortune to be a founding member of the Yardbirds, one of the most respected rock acts to come out of mid-'60s England. He had the bad fortune, however, to have been born in 1947, and to be only 15 years old at the time of the group's formation.

Topham was a student at Epsom Art School when he and a good friend, singer/harpist Keith Relf, recruited drummer Jim McCarty, and from there assembled what was first called the Metropolitan Blues Quartet. They soon expanded their lineup and changed their name to the Yardbirds, and they seemed to have a promising enough future, especially after they attracted the interest of Giorgio Gomelsky, a club owner who became their manager. In a way, their future looked too promising, for the tastes of Topham's parents -- the other band members, encouraged by Gomelsky, wanted to turn professional, and Topham didn't have that option; his parents had always expressed misgivings about his involvement in music, and wouldn't consider letting their 15-year-old son leave school to pursue a career as a guitarist. 


01. Sawbuk
02. Mini-Minor-Mo
03. Hop House
04. Ridin' The Blinds
05. Hot Ginger
06. Funks Elegy
07. Ascension Heights
08. Tuxedo Junction
09. Globetrottin'
10. Spider Drag
11. Mean Old Pullman
12. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
13. Christmas Cracker
14. Cracking Up Over Christmas
15. Heart Of Stone
16. You Gonna Ruin Me Baby
17. Long And Lonely Year
18. Anything For You


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mushley disse...

you are pushing your luck making him a Star, especially of the Yardbirds
Original lineup
(Late May 1963 - October 1963)
Keith Relf - lead vocals, harmonica
Anthony "Top" Topham - lead guitar
Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith - bass, backing vocals
Jim McCarty - drums, backing vocals

He was only with them for 4or5 months

Only Good Song disse...

Don't make him a star

Anônimo disse...

Hello, I'd like to DL Top Topham doesn't work here. Could You Upload it with another host???

Thank You!


Only Good Song disse...

You tried using google chrome?

Let me know

Anônimo disse...

I use firefox. But meanwhile I found an add-on for mega+mozilla, so it works without problems.

Thank You for Topham