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Patrick Campbell-Lyons - The 13 Dali's

Patrick Campbell-Lyons - The 13 Dali's - 2010

Patrick Campbell-Lyons is a composer and musician who is one half of the cult symphonic-rock band, Nirvana, formed in London in 1967. Campbell-Lyons was part of the West London music scene from the early 1960s playing in several bands. He was the vocalist and a founder member of a locally-popular R&B band Second Thoughts whose lineups included future record producer Chris Thomas, Thunderclap Newman founder/drummer Speedy Keen and two future members of prog-rock band Jade Warrior (Jon Field and Tony Duhig). Second Thoughts split up in late 1965 and after a year living in Sweden, Campbell-Lyons returned to London in late 1966.

In early 1967 he formed Nirvana with Greek musician Alex Spyropoulos. The duo (augmented in the studio and live by a floating line-up of session musicians) created a series of critically acclaimed baroque, orchestrated albums before disbanding in the early 1970s.

01. A Prayer Before a Kiss
02. Falling
03. Murderland
04. Unforgiven
05. Live and Let Die
06. Address Book
07. Reach
08. Galway to Graceland
09. Sunset City
10. Sad Song
11. Nothing Changes
12. Flowers for Friday
13. All I Do Is For You

Patrick Campbell-Lyons - Vocals
Steve Carlton - Guitars
Louis Maldonado - Psychedelic Guitars
Alex Chappelow - Pedal Steel Guitar
Heidi Stotesbury - Bass
Sean Kavenagh - Drums, Percussion
Alex Spyropoulos, Vuyellwa Njoonge - backing vocals


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