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John "Speedy" Keen - Previous Conviction (RE-RE-RE-RE-UP)

John "Speedy" Keen - Previous Conviction - 1973

John Keen was young Pete Townshend’s flat mate and chauffeur, but he was a musician and songwriter in his own right; in fact, Keen wrote “Armenia City in the Sky” from The Who Sell Out.  In 1969 Pete and manager Kit Lambert paired Speedy up with Andy Newman and Jimmy McCulloch in the ready-made band Thunderclap Newman, which was intended as a showcase for the three musicians.

They recorded an album at Pete’s legendary home studio, and the Keen-penned single “Something in the Air” went on to hit number one in nine different countries.  Not too shabby.

After Thunderclap Newman, Keen recorded two solo albums (this was his first) and then went to work in the studio both as a studio musician and producer.

01 - Old Fashioned Girl
02 - Keep Your Head Down
03 - Let Us In
04 - Somethin' Else
05 - The Flying Wino
06 - Don't You Know He's Coming
07 - Positively 4th Street
08 - Forever After
09 - That's The Way It Is
10 - Keep On The Grass
11 - Aires Lady
12 - Lesliana

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