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The Jook - Different Class

The Jook - Different Class - 1974 (2005 Remaster)

A first ever collection of all the singles and unreleased studio recordings by this seminal UK pop punk outfit with close links to Sparks , whose track ‘Aggravation Place’ is one of the highlights of the recent Glitterbest set. • The Jook were the brainchild of Sparks manager John Hewlett, who introduced guitarist Trevor White to singer-songwriter Ian Kimmett, and recruited bassist Ian Hampton and drummer Chris Townson. He secured a record deal with RCA; a publishing contract with Mickie Most, who signed them without even hearing a note and a monthly residency at The Sundown in Edmonton, North London. •

The Jook released five singles (one of which Oo Oo Rudi inspired early Irish label mates of the Undertones to name themselves Rudi )- and recorded an unreleased album called "Different Class" - to little commercial success. The final nail in the coffin was when they were unable to promote their last single, Bish Bash Bosh, after their tour with The Sweet had been cancelled. The anthemic Aggravation Place dates from their last recording session in 1976, which later appeared as an EP on Bomp in the US and Chiswick in the UK in 1978. Trevor White: "The best thing we ever done, everything just as we wanted, and if we'd stayed together we might have had the breakthrough." As soon as the session was finished White and Hampton jumped ship and joined Sparks, who were enjoying their first taste of success with This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us, and stayed with them for two albums. Kimmett remained in the business and ran Bearsville Records for Albert Grossman. • Today the US market for 70’s power pop has embraced the Jook, whilst elsewhere such as the UK and Japan the market for proto punk has equally identified the Jook for re-appraisal.

01. Different Class
02. Aggravation Place
03. Watch Your Step
04. Bish Bash Bosh
05. Oo-Oo-Rudi
06. King Kapp
07. Alright With Me
08. Everything I Do
09. Rumble
10. Cooch
11. La La Girls
12. Do What You Can
13. That's Fine
14. Mohair Sam
15. Movin' In The Right Direction
16. Crazy Kids
17. City & Suburban Blues
18. Hey Doll
19. Shame Shame Shame
20. Jook's On You
21. Everything I Do (Ian Kimmett Demo) (Bonus Track)
22. Aggravation Place (Ian Kimmett Demo) (Bonus Track)


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