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Stackridge - A Victory For Common Sense

Stackridge - A Victory For Common Sense - 2009
So you’ve never heard of Stackridge? Well if you’re not from the UK you are forgiven. The Anglophilic progressive pop band began to great fanfare in 1971, were predicted to be bigger than Genesis and even had an very well reviewed LP produced by George Martin right after his Beatles tenure ended (Man In A Bowler Hat). Then by 1975, they fell off the public’s radar. I never heard about them till recently, and after listening to the back catalog, it’s like the discovering a missing link between 10cc, Klaatu and Protocol Harem. Needless to say, if you like any of those bands, you can dig deep here. For those power pop fans who question the inclusion of a progressive band here just give a listen to “Dangerous Bacon,” and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. But, today these old codgers have a brand new album for you to hear. A Victory For Common Sense has most of the what fans expect. Well orchestrated rock and pop, starts off with “Boots and Shoes” a standard melodic rock tune that’s crafted with an ear towards contemporary audiences, that then bathes itself in anglo-slice-of-life nostalgia on “The Old Country.” A real gem here is “Red Squirrel” with it’s Badfinger-like guitar riffs and steady bass rhythm. The folk ballad “North St. Grand” slows the albums pacing a bit, but a few other tracks poke through some of the serious prog noodling, like the wonderful “Lost and Found” and the ethereal gem “Cheese and Ham.” It ends on a ponderous unwieldy jam with “The Day The World Stopped Turning.” While it doesn’t touch the glory of the early 70’s albums, it comes pretty darn close in spots. For most long time UK fans this more than enough to celebrate.

01. Boots And Shoes
02. The Old Country
03. (Waiting For You And) England To Return
04. Red Squirrel
05. North St Grande
06. Long Dark River
07. Lost And Found
08. Cheese And Ham
09. The Day The World Stopped Turning

Andy Davis - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
James Warren - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Mike "Mutter" Slater - Flute, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jim "Crun" Walter - Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Glenn Tommey - Keyboards, Trombone, Backing Vocals
Rachel Hall - Violin
Sarah Mitchell - Violin, Backing Vocals
Eddie John - Drums
Andy "Codge" Marsden - Drums
Chris Hughes - Percussion



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