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Arlo Guthrie - Live In Sydney

Arlo Guthrie - Live In Sydney - 2005

Live in Sydney captures Arlo at his very best. Recorded in Sydney, Australia, June 2004 at The Seymour Center, Arlo is joined by son, Abe, on keyboard and multi-instrumentalist, Gordon Titcomb. This double CD intertwines the music and stories that have endeared Arlo to his audiences for more than 40 years. New originals are the crowd pleasing, heart touching song, “My Old Friend” and the haunting, melodic tribute to Hawaii, “Haleiwa Farewell (Haleiwa Blues)”. “Some people think a folksinger is someone who just sings their own songs. That's a shame. It's like being of the tradition, rather than in it. I've taught myself to make any song I like, my own." - Arlo Guthrie Arlo’s versions of his long-time favorites, “St. James Infirmary,” “Me and Bobby McGee,” and “Green Green Rocky Road” will stick in your head long after the music has stopped. Stories include old favorites and new ones too.

01. Chilling of the Evening
02. Oklahoma Hills
03. Intro to St. James Infirmary
04. St. James Infirmary
05. 40 Years of Songs
06. When the Ship Comes In
07. The Motorcycle Song - An Education
08. Derroll Adams
09. Portland Town
10. Byrds of Paradise
11. Haleiwa Farewell (Haleiwa Blues)
12. Technology/LA Story
13. Coming Into Los Angeles
14. Green Green Rocky Road
15. Intro to Darkest Hour
16. Darkest Hour
17. The Last To Leave
18. Steve Goodman
19. City of New Orleans
20. A Poster With Janis Joplin
21. Me and Bobby McGee
22. My Old Friend
23. This Land Is Your Land
24. Remembering Alice
25. Highway In The Wind


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