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Country Joe McDonald - War War War Live (re-re-repost)

Country Joe McDonald - War War War Live - 2007

Nine poems from Robert W. Service’s war-themed collection Rhymes of a Red Cross Man set to music and sung by Country Joe McDonald. Recorded live on July 7, 2007 at the 2nd annual “Our Way Home Peace Event and Reunion,” honoring US Vietnam War resisters and others in Castlegar, British Columbia. Live show includes an introduction by Country Joe explaining how the original Vanguard album came to be recorded.

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01. Introduction by Country Joe
02. Foreword
03. The Call
04. Young Fellow, My Lad
05. The Man from Athabaska
06. The Munition Maker
07. The Twins
08. Jean Desprez
09. War Widow
10. The March of the Dead


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