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The Kinx - A Tribute to The Kinks

The Kinx - A Tribute toThe Kinks - 2009

Review from TributeBandReviews

Kinks tribute band (The Kinx) first got together in 2007, the first year was dedicated almost entirely to re-recording the Kinks songs. They examined the music of The Kinks in the finest detail so as to re-create it in a recording made some 40 odd years later. The instruments used, who played which part using a particular type of ampli­fier, the dissection of each drum fill and the intricacies of the vocal arrangements were all pulled apart and put back to­gether again. This process lasted some 13 months.

The band emerged at the end of this long recording project with their minds still intact and went on the road. All of the musicians in The Kinx are seasoned professionals when it comes to performing live in previous guises. The band has already received fantastic responses, not least at Liv­erpool’s famous Cavern Club on the bill with The Undertakers and The Mojos. The Kinx have since been booked to perform 60′s shows with Liverpool Legends Gerry & The Pacemakers.

Let’s not forget that The Kinks along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who were the ‘big 4′, the original ‘Britpop’ bands that defined a whole new musical generation back in the early sixties.

Now you can revisit those heady days when the world was changing so quickly from the austere times of the previous decade. Hair was growing longer, skirts were getting shorter, shirts were getting louder and pirate radio ruled the airwaves. The Kinx aim to make you smile when you remember those fantastic times. Tight 3 part harmonies and musicianship of the highest standard have combined to bring those fabulous Kinks songs from the swinging sixties back to life.

Attention to detail is paramount, authentic instruments and amplification is matched with a modern day state of the art sound system to deliver a truly magical musical experience. Attention has also been paid to the image, authentic 60′s Mod clothing as worn by the band, drainpipes and Chelsea boots, paisley shirts with penny drop collars and double cuffs – real Mod style for the iconic Kinks generation.

01. You Really Got Me
02. All Day and All of the Night
03. Tired of Waiting for You
04. Set Me Free
05. I Need You
06. See My Friends    
07. Till the End of the Day
08. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
09. Dedicated Follower of Fashion
10. A Well Respected Man    
11. Sunny Afternoon    
12. Dead End Street
13. Waterloo Sunset
14. David Watts
15. Death of a Clown
16. Picture Book    
17. Days    
18. Victoria
19. Lola


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