sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

John Parker Compton - Live At The Turk's Head Coffeehouse

John Parker Compton - Live At The Turk's Head Coffeehouse - 2006

Originalmente gravado ao vivo em 1968, esse álbum está agora disponivel (somente em mp3) nas melhores casas do ramo (ou nas piores, como nesse caso)

01. Pascal's Paradox
02. Glossolalia
03. Now That I Want You
04. Feathers
05. Green Brown Sound
06. Subway
07. Rosalie
08. We Can't Forget
09. Green Brown Sound No.2
10. Lifetimes in Nesinex
11. Rivers Run to the Sea
12. Lacsedo-Lacsede
13. Loving Her Makes Today
14. Downtown Row
15. Rosalie #2

John Parker Compton - Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Robin Batteau - Violin


6 comentários :

S R Management disse...

Appaloosa's been my favirite album since 1969, this is like hearing Appaloosa, the live album. Thanks

Only Good Song disse...

Hi SRManagement,

With Compton & Batteaus, I also think

Duncanmusic disse...

Oh My God. Thank you so much. Not obnly new John Compton but WITH Robin Batteau. you have surely made my day.

Only Good Song disse...

Hi again,Duncanmusic,

I confess that I missed your comment on this post. :)

You Liked? Very fun!

Anônimo disse...

can you repost?

Only Good Song disse...

Sure, Jim