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The Irish Coffee - Heaven

The Irish Coffee - Heaven - 2020

Irish Coffee started in Aalst 50 years ago and was immediately heard with the hit single “Masterpiece / The Show”. Shortly thereafter the - now legendary – debut album was released, now of the most sought after collector items in the world of vinyl. The band called it a day after a few very successful years.

Songwriter and singer William Souffreau, 74 meanwhile, is without doubt the éminence grise of Belgian rock, with an extensive discography, and still very active as well as solo (in 2017 Starman Records released the excellent solo album “Tobacco Fields”) as with Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee was re-launched in 2005 with a studio album and a live album recorded during the group's passage in the legendary German music program Rockpalast (WDR). In 2013 he recorded the excellent “IC Revisited” together with his power rock trio. Followed two years later by the album “When The Owl Cries” (Starman records), which was very well received by fans and the press.

This new, sharply rocking album is a mix of half a century of classic rock & blues, with a dash of sixties, with Souffreau looking back and looking ahead to life, love and career, and occasionally getting very angry with the World.

William Souffreau is one of the last Belgian rockers of his generation, let's cherish him and hope that a lot of great music may follow.

01. Do My Playing
02. Lay Them Shotguns Down
03. A Whole Lotta Rock To Roll
04. Doing Alright
05. Can’t Take No More
06. Livin’ Ain’t Easy
07. Someday
08. One Day Without You
09. Betty And Johnny
10. Alderman
11. Gonna Take It As It Comes
12. Heaven

William Souffreau - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Frank Van Laethem - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Goedtvinck - Bass
Bruno Beeckmans - Drums, Vocals, Percussion 


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