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Dean Ford - This Scottish Heart

Dean Ford - This Scottish Heart - 2018

Dean Ford (born Thomas McAleese; 5 September 1946 – 31 December 2018) was a Scottish singer and songwriter best known for his tenure as lead vocalist and frontman of the beat pop group Marmalade from 1966 to 1974. Ford (credited as McAleese) co-wrote the group's worldwide hit "Reflections of My Life" with fellow band member Junior Campbell. "Reflections of My Life" has sold more than two million units globally, and in 1998 the writers were awarded a Special Citation of Achievement by BMI for attaining radio broadcast performances in excess of one million in the U.S. alone.

01. A New Day
02. Little Man
03. Running Out of Time
04. Natasha
05. The Blue Angel
06. Butterflies in June
07. Until the Day I Die
08. I Got You
09. God Is
10. Precious Little Boy
11. Merry Go Round
12. Cowboy Joe
13. Restless Heart
14. He's an Angel
15. Left My Heart in Mexico
16. When Will It End
17. Dreamland
18. Glasgow Road
19. This Scottish Heart
20. Glasgow Night
21. Bonnie Mary
22. Made in Scotland
23. A Song for Mary
24. Nineteen Fifty Three
25. Daddy
26. Buddy, Roy and Dion
27. Blue Horizon
28. Callander
29. For MacDougall
30. Reflections of My Life


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