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White Denim - Performance

White Denim - Performance - 2018

A decade into their career, the two founding members of Austin, Texas-based White Denim -- singer/guitarist James Petralli and bassist Steven Terebecki -- sit on a body of work that can be variously described as nothing short of eclectic. Their six albums have brought waves of critical acclaim and positive attention. Their frenetic and inspired live shows have brought absolute giddy proclamations from fans and journalists. Phrases like "true rock and roll saviors" has been thrown around quite a bit as journalists ecstatically leave the sweaty confines of a White Denim show basking in the glow of a knockout show.

True to the craft of the trade, Petralli and Terebecki kept the band together a couple of years ago after two of their prominent members left to join Leon Bridges' band. Instead of using the lineup shuffle to reassess or move onto other projects, they reconvened and soldiered on with 2016's gloriously fun Stiff, an album that solidified the band's sprawling sound and turned enough heads to allow a tune to be featured in an advertisement for Nintendo Switch.

Two years later, they're back with Performance, a nine-track collection that was put together with drummer Conrad Choucroun and keyboardist Michael Hunter. It's a no-frills recording that plays to the band's strengths while reminding listeners just why they're so damn good in the first place.

01. Magazin
02. Performance
03. It Might Get Dark
04. Sky Beaming
05. Double Death
06. Fine Slime
07. Moves On
08. Backseat Driver
09. Good News


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S R Management disse...

Conrad Choucroun, played with Ian McLagan's Bump Band gig on Thursdays at the Lucky Lounge and the next night was playing in NRBQ at the Continental Club. Quite a guy! Thanks