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Errorhead - Evolution

Errorhead - Evolution - 2014

Ever since the hallowed days of Jimi Hendrix, classic rock music has thrived on its protagonists' virtuosity. Among the pre-eminent present-day exponents are Errorhead, the quartet led by guitarist Marcus Nepomuc Deml, one of the best instrumentalists in Europe. Errorhead has existed in various guises since 1998. "Organic Pill" is the first studio album to be cut by the line-up which has been playing together for around two years now, with bassist Frank Itt, drummer Athanasios "Zacky" Tsoukas and singer Andrew Gräser accompanying Marcus Deml. In contrast to the first albums with Errorhead, which saw Marcus Deml experimenting with techno elements or incorporating world music influences, the new album is firmly rooted in blues and rock. It is an archetypal guitar rock album built equally on the band's brilliantly tight musicianship and the strength of the twelve songs, a third of which are purely instrumental. Marcus Deml's eclectic guitar style stems from a roving past in which the cosmopolitan musician spent several years in the USA, where he made a name for himself and achieved broad recognition.  

01. Scream (People Like Us)
02. Hideaway
03. One Good Reason
04. Tell Me
05. Resurrection
06. Thieves & Poets (The Social Network Song)
07. Where Did Our Love Go?
08. Purple Lord
09. Be Someone
10. Find It
11. Get Off My Back
12. The Mighty Tube


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