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Weird Owl - Healing

Weird Owl - Healing - 2013

Weird Owl formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2004 and has released two full-length LPs as well as several EPs. Their presence and longevity in the New York psych scene has garnered international attention and they have shared stages with bands such as White Hills, NAAM, La Otracina, Hopewell, Earthless, Sleepy Sun, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Quest for Fire, Spindrift and The Black Angels, including at the 2011 Austin Psych Fest.

Healing proves that Weird Owl to be a constantly evolving musical entity, striving to present itself in a continually fresh light. The fuzzed-out guitar tones that were once synonymous with the band have fallen into the background, and a more ambient, textured sound found its place in the forefront. Recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Berner (NAAM, Heliotropes, La Otracina) at Galuminum Foil Studio in Brooklyn in April and May of 2013, Weird Owl’s new musical direction revealed itself as an exciting and unique mind blast.

John Cassidy - Keyboard, Synth
Kenneth Cook - Bass, Keyboard, Synth, Back-up Vocals
Sean Reynolds - Drums, Percussion
Jon Rudd - Guitar
Trevor Tyrrell - Vocals, Guitar

01. Change Your Mind
02. Stars On a Coffin Lid
03. Seventh of Seven Sundays
04. Master of The Mysteries
05. Healing


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