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The Patch Of Blue & Tommy Bolin - Correctionville, Iowa

The Patch Of Blue & Tommy Bolin - Correctionville, IA - 1966 (bootleg)

The band formed in 1965 by the remaining members of Denny & the Triumphs after George Larvick, Jr. replaced bassist Denny Foote. The band were managed by George Larvick, Sr., father of band members Brad and George, Jr. George, Sr. did the bookings and drove the bands to gigs in a van with “Patch of Blue” painted on the side.

George, Sr. was impressed with the 13-year-old Tommy’s playing. Whenever he went to pick Tommy up at the Bolin’s home to take him to rehearsal or a show he almost always found him by his phonograph with a guitar, working on learning a new tune. The whole band was very good in spite of their young ages it was a tightly run ship and show, which also help contribute to Tommy’s rapid development in terms of both playing and ease on stage.

They band played a mix of rock & roll, R&B and pop hits such as “In the Midnight Hour,” “Heat Wave” and “Got My Mojo Working.” While George, Sr. enjoyed Tommy’s playing, he has related that he would have to tell Tommy to turn down sometimes. He didn’t feel that Tommy was trying to drown everybody out, but that Tommy felt that what he was playing was good and he wanted the details to be heard.

NB: Esse disco é parte integrante do box set "Tommy Bollin Fever" com 15 cds que registram Tommy em diversos momentos (shows, jams, outakes, etc) e que foi realizado por seu fan club no ano de 1995. Custa a bagatela de 500 dólares. A qualidade do som não é lá grandes coisas, mas vale a pena pelo registro histórico em mais de 1h15 de som.

Tommy Bolin - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Stokes, Michael Schwarte - Lead Vocals
Brad Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Bridenbaugh - Organ, Vocals
George Larvick - Bass, Vocals
Brad Larvick - Drums

01. It Ain't Easy
02. Midnight Hour
03. Your Love Makes The World Go Around
04. Stop There
05. Sweet Soul Music
06. It's Not Unusual
07. Born In Chicago
08. My Girl
09. Happy Together

10. Think We Are Alone Now
11. Intrumental
12. It's Alright
13. Gimme Gimme Some Lovin'
14. Heat Wave
15. Over You
16. Love Love Me
17. Down On Me
18. Heat Wave
19. Mercy Mercy
20. Rock'n' Roll Medley (with Tommy Bolin, Dave Brown, Tim Weisburg)
21. Beatles Jam


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