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Bobby Whitlock - Vintage

Bobby Whitlock - Vintage - 2009

By CoCo Carmel
Since the days of Derek & the Dominos , Bobby Whitlock has chosen the lower road, raising a family and putting a backseat to his own career.

But now it his time, so we are releasing previously unheard songs. Through this medium we are enabled to allow you to hear these gems that have gone on so long without being released.

On this record playing along with Bobby are the great masters: Jim Keltner on drums , Jim Horn on sax and flute , Steve Cropper on guitar. Also appearing are: Brady Blade on drums , Daryl Johnson on Bass , Barry Swain on guitar.

With the help of the American Rythym Section ( Aretha’s session musicians) and The Memphis Horns and an appearance by Dee Murray (Bass player for Elton John, this record is just swimming in great players . Bobby's son Beau is singing on "It's About Time, And Bobby puts the cherry on top .

A couple of songs that were cut by other artists include: “This Time” (Tom Jones) , and "Whose been sleeping in my bed" (Glen Frey of the Eagles). The song "My Old Pal" was written about Eric Clapton,  it is the story of when the two met in passing on Hammersmith Road in London. The beautiful ballad "Don't Pass us by" is about the passing of Bobby's father, toward the end of the song you hear Bobby out of breath after taking a wild ride through space. Of course last but not least is Bobby’s musical partner and wife, CoCo Carmel singing a duet and playing flute with Bobby on the song entitled "Perfect Strangers" .

We hope that you enjoy this great record .

01. Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?

02. Save Your Love For Me
03. Southern Gentleman
04. Streets of L.A
05. Island of Love
06. My Old Pal
07. Perfect Strangers(feat. CoCo Carmel)
08. Don't Pass us By
09. This Time There Won't Be No Next Time
10. Your Love
11. It's About Time
12. Dorothy & John

Ready Helvis114. Another beautiful work of Whitlock. For more his albums, look HERE


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Dead or Alive disse...

Cara vc me indicou uns lances mas tem tanta coisa que nem sei o que roubar,rs
Me diz especicifico era o IQ 2 volumes seria um post legal.
No mais só um alô e se gosta de um bom rock escuta aquele slash, o pessoal torce o nariz mas esse era o som dos 70/80, esse era o som que a geente fazia, sei lá, assim acho.

Only Good Song disse...

Sendo assim, pega tudo ora rs
Eu acho que fala sobre o Marriott
Mas não tenho certeza.
Sobre o Slash, passo por lá mais tarde e arrasto